What Are The Different Types of Cable Logging Operations?

Cable logging operations are performed in various ways. Different types of rigging configurations are used to carry the material from the woodlands to the landing. In this article, we are going to look at the different configurations of rigging that are used in cable logging.

Standing Skyline

Standing configuration is one of the popular configurations to rig a standing skyline. The primary feature of this configuration is that the skyline remains at a fixed place. Its length doesn’t modify at the time of the operation. This arrangement is capable to operate with a manual, motorized, or mechanical slack pulling a carriage.

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Running Skyline

This type of system makes use of interlocking yarding drums. It is not appropriate to be used along with a manual slack pulling carriage. The system provides a separate mainline that stretches between the yarder and the carriage.

This running skyline system can be operated with non-slack pulling carriages as the level of the skyline can be lowered, and raised by changing the tension between the mainline, and the skyline.

Live Skyline

In this type of configuration, the level of the skyline is lowered, and raised to correctly place the carriage. This system is executed with non-slack pulling carriages. It only needs a two-drum yarder when it is operated uphill. A third drum is needed for downhill yarding. It slopes less than twenty percent.


A high lead system comprises of a haul back cable and a mainline. It needs a minimum of two drums present on the yarder. This system is configured with chokers and a butt rigging. This configuration makes it able to operate a grapple and operate in clear cuts, and uphill or the downhill yarding setup.

Haul back System.

This is a group lead system that comprises of one line, i.e., the mainline. This line is either thrown by the yarder or pulled into the stand via manual means. It can work with the help of a grapple, and chokers. Yarding distances are limited to three hundred feet or less.

Tong Thrower

Cable yarding comprises several components that impact the design and planning of an operation. The fundamental components of this system are the carriage and the yarder. The kind of carriage and yarder determines the kind of cable system used for the operation.


Cable operations are one of the important tasks that come under the category of forestry jobs. Knowledge and implementation of the different configurations will enhance the efficiency and productivity of the task.

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