Three Major Efficiencies that Result from Poorly Designed Packaging

Poorly designed packaging can result in many efficiencies. Sometimes, packaging problems can have serious consequences along the entire supply chain. Keep reading to learn about these efficiencies and understand the importance of optimized packaging to help improve the overall performance of distribution centers:

Product Damage and Worker Injury

When designing packaging, it is important to concentrate on durability and efficiency. Packages that do not hold up during transportation may lead to damage to the packaging or the products inside them. Damaged packages may have to be repacked or temporarily stored and returned to the manufacturer. Also, low-quality packaging poses a safety hazard. For instance, if packaging crumbles under the weight of other boxes when stacked, they could topple and all on a warehouse worker. An injured worker can take legal action against the distribution center.

Operational Disruptions

Poor packaging can make handling and processing problematic or labor-intensive. This can negatively impact performance metrics such as receiving, put-away, picking, packaging, cycle times, dispatching, and more.

Space Utilization

Inbound packaging has a direct effect on space, which is a limited resource for the majority of distribution centers. The right packaging solutions boost the racking system’s efficiency that, in turn, results in increased access, cost-savings, and productivity. But, packaging that creates roadblocks can lead to negative effects and create problems in terms of the capacity of the distribution center. As space becomes a great consideration during peak season due to the need to accommodate extra inventory, distribution centers can be spared of the cost of renting storage space. Also, Belley’s storage offers the warehouse space that distribution centers need to ensure continuous access to the packaging supplies they need.

Optimized packaging can help distribution centers avoid a lot of the setbacks, errors, and delays attributed to poorly designed packaging. With the positive effects of optimized packaging, distribution centers can expect more orders to make it through the supply chain, on time, and in one piece. Businesses with higher on-time shipment rates can improve their brand value by offering customers greater confidence that they will receive their order on time and without any damage.

Packaging plays an important role in the performance of distribution centers and the success of the supply chain. Thus, it is imperative to partner with a trustworthy packaging partner. The best packaging solutions provider believes in progress and is committed to sustainability. They also provide first-class packaging materials, innovative packaging solutions, and warehousing solutions.

Fenix Dallon
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