Realize Your Laundry Business Target with Smart Laundry Equipment

Technology has become integral to almost every business process, and the laundry industry has not been left behind. Girbau North America Smart technology has replaced the traditional coin operated washing machine with new washers, dryers, and tunnel washers entering the market. The new commercial laundry equipment is simple, green, and well-connected. This means that they are all connected to one central point where all the data from all the equipment is used to predict your business’s needs. Smart laundry will help improve your laundry business immensely. Here is how:

Environmentally friendly processes

Smart laundry equipment is environmentally friendly. It helps control water usage and allows us to better care for the environment. With a smart laundry washer, you can know the amount of water needed by a certain load. Most smart commercial laundry equipment has a laundry intelligence dashboard that lets you diagnose what you need to change in a load. For example, if your washer has excess water or your dryer has excess gas, your dashboard will visualize the problem and help you make the required adjustment to your laundry machine.

Helps reduce mistakes

Laundry equipment is prone to human error especially if it needs staff for it to operate. Smart laundry, however, requires less interaction with humans since it has an easily programmed operating system, reducing mistakes. The operator can easily select what needs to be done by the machine with a touch of a button or screen. Operators often only need to make one action, thus making fewer mistakes.

Offer flexible payment options

In the laundry industry, customer needs always come first. Today, most customers prefer having different options when paying for their services. Smart laundry equipment offers a wide range of payment options that your customers can enjoy. Some offer coins, debit or credit cards, cash, program cards, and contactless payment options. Having different payment options available means serving a broader customer base. It also eliminates the need for your customer to drop by the ATM when coming to do their laundry, increasing customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

Improved security

Protecting your assets from theft is among the top priorities for most business owners. A smart laundry system allows you to account for every dollar in your business and the resources spent while performing the different business processes. Eliminating traditional payment methods like coin payment eliminates the need to transport cash to the bank, increasing the chances of theft. Smart technology makes it easy to balance the flow of cash.

Improve business management

Smart laundry equipment makes it easy to track all the business’s daily operations. Most smart equipment comes with a web-based management tool that offers an in-depth understanding of your business and helps you make more informed business decisions. Smart systems also allow you to see your customer transactions in real-time. It also allows you to remotely access all your business management systems from various web-connected devices.

Smart laundry equipment has revolutionized the laundry industry. It has made it easier to track of all business operations, reduced mistakes in the laundry processes, and improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Fenix Dallon
the authorFenix Dallon