Learning how to give Presentations at Home and Avoid Burnout

The pandemic and lockdown has changed the way that we all work, with many people furloughed or working from home full-time over the past few months. One area in which there has been an importance to keep things fresh and to avoid burnout through the repetitive nature of being in your house all the time (for work and leisure time) is to improve on your skills and to look at ways to keep work as interesting as possible. Learning how to give good presentations when you’re not in an office environment is challenging, but it’s certainly achievable. This will help with potential jobs, a specialist professional recruitment agency can help to find the right job for you.

What about burnout though in the time of lockdown?

There has been a worry that the impact on mental health for those working at home could lead to staff members in many different industries suffering from burnout due to anxiety issues, isolation and loneliness. It is hard to stay properly connected with the outside world at a time like this, and when it comes to work, how can you stay as connected with your colleagues and management when you see them maybe once a week on a Zoom call and don’t have the day to day chatter that accompanies the tea making session, even if you’re talking about anything other than work?

How can you stay connected and give good presentations?

One way to help employees is to ensure that they have everything they need to work effectively from home. This can be seen in how some employers have paid for proper office furniture, such as desks and chairs, for those people who have the space to set up a dedicated work spot at home. It also helps to provide access to a secure workspace online where regular meetings and daily chats can take place between colleagues and between management and employees. This helps to engage on a daily basis and allows for interaction as close to what you would experience in an office environment.

Regular presentations helps to induce a feeling of the workplace and to demonstrate that real work is being undertaken from home. Providing the right software and preparing for a presentation in the same way as you would for one being given in the office, provides set goals for a person to work hard on a regular basis and to bring some form of normality back to proceedings.

Especially if you are looking at working at home or remotely for the foreseeable future or your place of work will move to more flexible working patterns and rotas for people to be in the office, this might be your future. Working remotely, staying in touch with colleagues and giving good presentations virtually, could be the new norm. It is important that you stay in touch with the latest tech, look at ways to improve your skills and become the best presentation-giver your company has ever seen – whether you are stood in front of executives in the boardroom or sat in your living room and presenting to a group of colleagues on a Zoom chat!

Fenix Dallon
the authorFenix Dallon