Important Papers Required For A China Company Information Process

Just as the name of your china company incorporation has been decided and registered, it is very significant for one to apply for the permission and authorization handed out by the AIC, also known as the Administration of Industry and Commerce at the district grade. It must be very much evident for one to state that it is very necessary for one to take precautions and to make sure of keeping all the required documents in a file to avoid any kind of issues and make the process smooth and easier for yourself.

The necessary documents may include

  • Authorized company’s name
  • Designation elements of the business’s valid diplomat
  • A legal department address
  • Designation elements of the business’s administrator or manager
  • Details of the company’s extent
  • The details of the shareholder
  • Accepted notary documentation and articles of the share proprietors
  • Manuscripts of the Association
  • Quantity of enrolled money and the full amount of interest
  • A feasibility survey, so as to verify to the council the business is reasonable and requires to comprise a comprehensive agenda with a specific amount of allowance.

Sum up

All the documents mentioned above hold their own significance and are needed to be collected before the process to avoid any problems and receive the Approval certificate.

Fenix Dallon
the authorFenix Dallon