Concrete: Stunning Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

We tend to think of concrete as a durable grey finish that is suitable for exterior use, yet today, concrete is widely used in homes across the world, largely thanks to developing technology that allows for a range of finishes and the fact that you can choose any colour. Here are just a few interior design ideas using concrete.

  • Minimalist Kitchen – The walls are skimmed with beige concrete, which can either be a sheen or matt finish, and with timber kitchen cabinets and marble worktops, you have the perfect minimalist kitchen. Stainless steel is another addition, with the bar and stools, and with a natural stone floor, the kitchen is complete.
  • Polished Concrete Flooring – If you are planning home renovations in Brisbane, talk to a builder with polished concrete experience, and you can have the colour of your choice, with a floor that is sealed to protect the surface for many years. The past decade has seen an explosion of interior concrete designs, and this versatile material is no longer something restricted to the yard.
  • Concrete Dividers – It is a popular design to have a concrete island and low partitions, which can be matched for colour, and if you would like to view stunning concrete kitchens that make the best use of concrete, Google images will bring you some design inspiration.
  • Grey & White – How about grey concrete with white cabinets? This Scandinavian look also works with pine furniture, giving you a rustic, Nordic look that is very durable and functional. Your local builder would have many images of previous projects, which will help you to choose something in keeping with the rest of the home.
  • Mosaic Finish – A skilled concrete tradesman can create a unique mosaic finish, with either a sheen or matt surface, and with all the walls finished this way, you have a stunning kitchen that is easy to keep clean. There is a range of hand tools to create attractive comb finishes, something you can discuss with the contractor, who will always try to please regarding concrete finishes.
  • Stipple Finishes – This is ideal for a single wall in the kitchen, which adds texture and depth, and, of course, you can choose any shade. You could search online for images of various finishes, of which there are many, allowing you to select something unique.

Some builders are very experienced with concrete, and you can find one in your area with a Google search, and with their expertise, a unique concrete kitchen awaits.

Fenix Dallon
the authorFenix Dallon