All you need to know about SCADA

It is natural in the modern competitive world for any competent business to look to improve their efficiency to maximise profit and reduce wastage. There are many ways of achieving that, perhaps by looking at HR procedures and a robust business plan.

Both are excellent ideas, but can take up time and resources, both financially and in personnel. The installation of software on the SCADA platform is a perfect solution.

What is SCADA?

Supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, is a system of software which offers industrial organisations the power and ability to control their processes through several means of monitoring. Initially SCADA was a separate system for mainframe computers before the evolution of smaller computer systems and a network being created. Around the turn of the millennium SCADA began using communication technologies such as Ethernet to further advance its valuable contribution to industry.

What does it do and what are its features?

SCADA offers the opportunity to work from remote locations with the ability to still control processes, which is of great benefits to companies and organisations of all sizes. The platform gathers real time data so that timely decisions can be made.

With direct interaction with such equipment as valves, power supplies, and motors it ensures that any potential problems or issues can be spotted before they cause damage or danger to employees. All events are loaded so that a record can be kept which is invaluable in future decision making. All of which will limit any downtime as repairs or parts can be replaced before they cause material and financial damage, thus making SCADA and excellent money saving investment.

Having all the information in front of a controller is a great leap forward from the old ways of problem solving, especially with mobile connectivity being a feature with the information being available instantly from anywhere in the world.

Who uses SCADA?

The software is used by a multitude of industries such as manufacturing, food and drink, oil and gas, power, transport, and energy. In short, any serious industry will look to the system for assistance in running a smooth and efficient operation in the background.

In conclusion

SCADA is the perfect business solution for a wide range of industries, to ensure that any problems can be spotted at an early stage and so that prudent decisions can be made to allow any organization to function to its maximum productivity.

Fenix Dallon
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